24 Jul 2017

Culexus Assassin

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping in. Following on from the Callidus Assassin and the Eversor Assassin I bought ages ago, here is the final of three assassins I bought.

I never got a copy of the Assassin Execution Force game on release however, plenty of assassin models appeared on eBay shortly after and now they get their own blister packs. I didn't want to fund the money grabbing greedy re-sellers at the time, so I bought a pre-painted decent set from an artist/hobbyist instead. So not all my own work, just adapted from a real decent paint job.

I re did the base to match my forces and re-painted all the psychic matrix nodes (blue bits) with Stormhost Silver and Soulstone Blue for a shiny gem like weird gubbins look. I brightened up the Psyk-out grenades and highlighted the brasswork.
I also repainted the cables blue to match the Psi-matrix bits and he was done. Not much effort from me, but now adapted to be my own.
And finally, a shot of all three together, looking great together. I have a older Vindicare I will paint up myself, I prefer the older pose to the new one cowering behind some ruins.
Thanks for droping by, cheers, Siph.

21 Jul 2017

WIP- Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne

Hi everyone, thanks for popping by!

Here's a little project I started a while ago, and I've used as a distraction over other projects I've got.. which are many!

 I've tried to had a little bit of dynamic positioning to show the Kytan mid battle, storming through the ranks of the enemy. The knee is pinned to the building to act as support, with the right foot nestled onto the other corner section. The motion is further shown with the angle of the axe, as well as how I will position the skulls hanging from the armour.

The armour is painted with a metallic finish which creates natural highlights from a light source. The plan is to have the armour edged with bronze.

For the base I will be adding to it to add depth to the model.

Hope you like!

17 Jul 2017

Vargard Obeyron - Necron Bodyguard

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in to check out this post, feel free to explore for more Necron goodness and plenty aside.

Here is my latest addition, the Necron Vargard Obyron, as GW explains "the well-known bodyguard for Nemesor Zahndrekh, he is a ferocious military commander in his own right. His martial skills combined with his immense strength means that he is a warrior that few enemy heroes will want to fight. One wrong move is all it takes for Vargard Obyron to slice them in half." So there, now you know. 
He also possesses the ability to cut through dimensions and reappear across the battlefield, taking with him any of the units that he commands, I am looking forward to using that in a battle to re-deploy the slow lumbering Necron Warrior blobs. He did the same at our recent Warhammer World goodbye to 7th.
Armed with his Warscythe, Vargard can be a threat to Vehicles too. I painted the blades of the Warscythe to match the gauss energy sources of the rest of the army. The base of the miniature is a resin one from secret weapon miniatures and the sculpt is a finecast one, a few bubbles were present but for the most part, because of the mono-pose, the mini was fairly clean and straight, even the Warscythe and forearms bit.
I love the brooding look to this character, he looks angry and well 'ard. Thanks for dropping by and have a good day, cheers, Siph.

16 Jul 2017

New Primaris Marines - Plasma Inceptor, Chaplain, Reivers, Apothecary, Aggressors

Not sure if you've seen these yet? A quick post, these images are from the Warhammer Community site and lifted from Reddit (r/Warhammer40k). Plasma Armed Inceptors with re-entry masks down, look cool.
The Primaris Chaplain and Apothecary
The box art from the 10 man Reiver box set. Nice Harpoon Guns, I hope they come with optional helmets.
And some Heavy Support, Centurion style, the Primaris Aggressors, I like the look of these, hopefully they are heavy Bolt weapons on those gauntlets and 'Tau-like' Missile Pods (erm... Launchers!) which are hopefully Frag and Krak.

13 Jul 2017

Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons WIP 2

Hi one and all,

Further progress with Magnus the Red,I've redesigned the base slightly, using rocks instead of buildings- the thought was to try and represent Fenris during the invasion. These were test fitted to make sure Magnus can stand on top of the Dreadnought and the rocks correctly.
 Also test fitted and base coated are the wings, I've opted for a phasing of Red, to Blue to Green-then washed with Agrax. I've done the same style with the feathers on Magnus' body. These will have several dry brushed highlights of a range of colours to make them pop!
Next up is to work on the armour, once this is done and added I'll look to highlight the skin, so that the darker skin forms the shadow under the armour. I did wonder about not having the armour on at all, however I think I will have the armour in place.. he needs the nipple horns..

thanks for looking!

10 Jul 2017

Necron Dynasty - Final 5 Necron Warriors

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by, 5 more from the Battleforce done, now the 5 additional Warriors for the 4th squad, that's 45 done now. no more left, thank goodness - now to move on to more elaborate Infantry such as Praetorians or Lychguard. The intention will be to field three 15man squads, or 3x10man squads and a larger 15man squad - maybe with a Lord with Res Orb to make them hang around longer. Now the 8th rules for RP rely on a larger squad number, I may have to paint some more!
I copied the same scheme for the rest of the Warriors I've done so they blend in seamlessly, makes it easier when choosing my forces for upcoming battles, just pick however many soulless automatons I need... all 45 were used in battle at Warhammer World after Warhammerfest, and they showed their resilience by sticking around in the face of 6500pts of Ultramarines!
The copper capacitor coils are Fulgurite Copper. These are my basic Necrons so they lack any Blue or Gold accents, but the metals are actually more than sprayed! Its Platemetal AP Spray washed with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Runefang Steel. 
Finally, a shot of the whole phalanx of Warriors. I think that might be enough... actually with 8th, I may now have to get more - 20man squads for the juicy RP! Thanks for dropping by, cheers, Siph.

7 Jul 2017

WIP- Magnus the Red - Primarch of the Thousand Sons

Hi one and all,

This week I'm slowly working on my Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons. Having looked at several versions of the model online, I've opted to have Magnus with quite a dark red tone, which should contrast nicely with the bright silver armour. I've also painted the right hand in transition, from red to purple via blue- adding to the Tzeentch feel of the model.
I've picked out the Tzeentch legends on the right arm with a brighter blue, and highlighted the edges with a pure white wash- I'm planning on doing further white washes to highlight this further.
Initially I had planned to have all 3 heads available to swap between them, however this head I went for was the best fit, and also I decided it would be a stronger joint if all glued together.
I am also- as seen last week building a different base for Magnus, this has had a few changes to it- and hopefully will be ready to show soon.

Thanks for looking!

3 Jul 2017

Genestealer Cult - Armoured Sentinel

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest addition to my slowly growing Genestealer Cult, a good friend of mine Dark Canon bought me this for Christmas so it was about time I completed it, even if it is Xenos infected scum! (He is an ardent Dark Angel Loyalist! - Rob at 30KPlus40K has painted up his force for when he returns from far afield with work, I look forward to facing them in their 8th 2W incarnation).
The Genestealer Cult rules allowed these to outflank, so three armed with Plasma Cannons can be a right surprise and pain for the enemy. I'll have to look up the new Cult rules for 8th... I used an icon from the Genestealer Cult Upgrade Sprue to denote its allegiance, and magnetised the weapons.
Here is the Plasma Cannon, I trimmed the cables and added the Laser Power Pack piece as this fits better with the interchangeable weapons. The colours reflect the choice of Hivefleet too, Hivefleet Kraken.
Here is the Autocannon, I envisage only arming with either Plasma Cannons (was Blast) or multi shot weapons to counter the low BS.
And also the stock Multilaser in case points are tight. I refrained from painting the Lascannon as a single shot would miss knowing my luck. The missile launcher will be used as a Cyclone Missile Launcher on a future Termie, the Flamer is a waste, better fitted to Scout Sentinels.
I desecrated the Aquila too, Emperor forgive me ;)    The horned skull on the base was a bit I found in my bits box from eons ago, from my original Skeleton Warriors box set from the eighties, the horse head and two horse tails stuck on as horns, lol. Cheers for dropping by, cheers, Siph.

29 Jun 2017

40k Scenic Bases

Hi one and all,

This week I've been tackling a few bits in my 'to do pile' trying not to get sidetracked by any Primaris Marines that I might have..

I'm starting to put together a base for a larger model, designed to fit the story of the character. Below is the initial mock up for the base using a dreadnought as a dead model for the character to be stood on. One of the things building this with the model in mind has shown how much I prefer building the bigger, multi pose models, like the forge world knights. Unfortunately the Games Workshop plastics although looking great, are difficult to convert to get the pose anatomically correct unless you start really hacking into the model and then using green stuff. For me, its easier to bulk up the base to make the model stand in a neutral level so that it looks right.
I think everybody can guess the model the base is for - Magnus the Red! At this stage its just playing around with the base until I'm happy then will glue.

What are you thoughts with 'converted bases' what do you prefer? Would you go all out on a well designed base, or feel it takes away from the piece?

While you are at it, for beginners here is a old trustworthy tutorial on how Siph does his bases with sand and PVA/Elmers -  Bases Made Simple from 2008 and he still follows it today.

Thanks for dropping by, Lord Halfpenny.

26 Jun 2017

Primaris Marines - Settled on a Paint Scheme

(Copyright GW)
Hi Everyone, So with 8th Edition and the release of Primaris Marines in the Dark Millennium boxset, I had a choice to deal with... what scheme should I be doing my new tall marines? Now I have a number of Relictors, well quite a few actually. Should I add these reinforcements to my existing ranks, a gift from Roboute Guilliman?
Or should I add these to my forces as another Army, but which one? That's when fortuitously I picked up the Black Library Audiobook Daedelus at Warhammerfest. Well, what a great audio drama, gripping and awesome story involving the remnants of the Scythes of the Emperor after the destruction of their homeworld Sotha, by the Hivefleet Kraken.
(Copyright GW - courtesy of Scythes.com)
Hivefleet Kraken is also the same Hivefleet that I had already chosen for my Purestrain Genestealers from my Genestealer Cult I will be working on as well, very fortuitous indeed! And the Scythes of the Emperor are decimated therefore one of the first in line to get the Primaris reinforcements from Roboute Guilliman and Cawl, they were the 3rd Founding Ultramarine Successors after all.
(Copyright GW)
The other problem I had if they were Relictors is the fact that they, the Relictors, are falsely accused as Excommunicate Traitorius, just for dabbling in Chaos, fighting Chaos with Chaos, using the relics and artifacts they find to battle the foul Chaos forces.  Would Roboute Guilliman risk reinforcing the Relictors with new Marines if he had doubts on their loyalty?
So, there you have it, the reasons I will be painting up a new force in a new scheme to work alongside my Relictors or as a small stand alone force as new releases come out. I have many projects on the go and many forces to satisfy my Hobby Butterfly Syndrome (HBS). I am in the process of building the Primaris Marines at the moment, and I am loving the aesthetics and sculpts, the fluff is growing on me as I cannot see it being retracted, and maybe these will be the new marines with the old line taking second fiddle... only time and GW will tell.
Excellent paint scheme by Badtouch's Hobby Basement Blog
 Jamie Farrar's Sons of Sotha
Lovely weathering on Jamie's SotE Rhino

An excellent scheme by Badtouch's Hobby Basement and blogger buddy Jamie's Sons of Sotha blog, I will be copying for my Primaris Marines, black armour, yellow torso and groin and backpack, black helmet and weapon. These should look quite striking on the battlefield!
Here is the test scheme for the yellow, using the huge pot of yellow Ochre paint from the scenery kit, and FW Airbrush Clear Yellow and a wash of Sepia then highlighted with FW Airbrush yellow. The mini is very much WIP, I haven't touched the black yet, started on the leather pouches. I think the belt will remain black 'Plastek' as the fluff says. I've also ordered some Scythes of the Emperor decals from Chapter Customizer website, which caters for the named yet unsupported Chapters.

Thanks for dropping by, cheers Siph.
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